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SharePoint: How to configure People Picker for a one-way trust

I recently went looking for an article showing how to configure People Picker for 1-way trusts and was disappointed with what I found. Many articles reference the cringe-worthy STSADM commands. Others are either incomplete or less than concise. So here’s my take on it: Background: When using Windows authentication within SharePoint, a domain or forest

SharePoint: People Picker and Disabled Users

I’ve already written a few things on this topic, but I thought I’d add additional background, consolidate concepts, and highlight a new (to me) twist. Background: SharePoint Server (doesn’t matter which version) People Picker should not return disabled user accounts from Active Directory. If it does, there’s a configuration problem in either Active Directory or

SharePoint: Shared Mailboxes, disabled accounts, and People Picker

Important: This is not something that is supposed to work. You’ll see that we can get it to work in certain scenarios, but it is not an intended design of SharePoint. At any time, a code change could be made that breaks our workarounds and leaves little recourse other than enabling the accounts in Active

SharePoint: Domain Local groups from Trusted Forest are not valid

  Consider the following scenario: You have a SharePoint 20xx (doesn’t matter) site and have configured People Picker to search a trusted Active Directory Forest or Domain. You have a security group of type “domain local” in the trusted forest that has several users in it. You use People Picker to search for the group,

SharePoint People Picker – The user does not exist or is not unique – Trailing Space

This one is likely to be somewhat rare, but when it happens, the logging doesn’t give you many clues outside of the original “user does not exist or is not unique” error, which is pretty generic. I have two other posts about the same error with different root causes:   Symptoms: When using

SharePoint – Users from trusted forest are not found with People Picker

Update 8/13/20 – Added info about RPC Endpoint Mapper Client Authentication, which can break people picker in forest trust scenarios. Consider the following scenario: You have your SharePoint servers in the “” domain. You have the peoplepickersettings.searchactivedirectorydomains (SearchADForests) People Picker property configured properly to search trusted forest “”. You search for a user that exists

SharePoint – Slow People Picker – Troubleshooting Performance

Poor people picker performance is usually caused by one of two things: 1. People Picker (hereafter abbreviated as PP) is connecting to a Domain Controller across a slow network link. 2. People Picker is trying to query domains that are not available on the network (usually due to firewall settings). Note: If PP performance is