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SharePoint – Users from trusted forest are not found with People Picker

Consider the following scenario: You have your SharePoint servers in the “” domain. You have the peoplepickersettings.searchactivedirectorydomains (SearchADForests) People Picker property configured properly to search trusted forest “”. You search for a user that exists in the trusted forest and get “No results found” in the People Picker control. If you set your SharePoint logging

SharePoint – Slow People Picker – Troubleshooting Performance

Poor people picker performance is usually caused by one of two things: 1. People Picker (hereafter abbreviated as PP) is connecting to a Domain Controller across a slow network link. 2. People Picker is trying to query domains that are not available on the network (usually due to firewall settings). Note: If PP performance is

Keeping SharePoint happy during your domain migration

We’ve seen a few of different problems occur in SharePoint (2013, 2016, 2019) when users are being migrated from one domain to another. They usually come up in one of the following areas: People Picker People Picker may show either or both accounts depending on which domain SharePoint is in, and how PP is configured

SharePoint – People Picker: PeoplePickerSearchInMultipleForests

Today I’m writing about a little-known SharePoint People Picker property that can influence your People Picker results. First some background: In SharePoint 2010, People Picker searched all two-way trusted Active Directory (AD) forests by default. In SharePoint 2013 and above, only the local forest is queried, but similar to Exchange, we also leverage the mxExchMasterAccountSid

SharePoint: People Picker error: “user does not exist or is not unique” – similar account names

Consider the following scenario: SharePoint 2013 or 2016 servers are in the domain has a trust relationship with the domain. The peoplepicker-searchadforests property is configured like this: “;,corp\SPadmin,*****“ You use People Picker to find a user. If the users account name (samAccountName) is unique, you have no issues adding it to SharePoint.

SharePoint – People Picker times out – Hybrid App Launcher issue

This was a really unique situation where a network problem for the Hybrid App Launcher caused People Picker to intermittently time out and display no results. Note: The two features are not directly related as you’ll see below.   Let me explain: When you configure Hybrid OneDrive and Sites in SharePoint 2016, it adds an