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SharePoint – Intermittent error: “Sorry, this site hasn’t been shared with you”

Consider the following scenario: Randomly, when a user browses to a resource (site, list, etc) that they are supposed to have access to, they receive “Sorry, this site hasn’t been shared with you” (access denied). The users continue to get “Access Denied” for a period of time, and then it starts working again after making

SharePoint: Windows user not equal to ADFS user

I’ve been over this concept with customers and support engineers so many times, that I’m not sure why I haven’t posted about it before. My colleague Adam posted on this topic a while back, but I wanted to expand on that a bit. The Setup: Let’s say you have a SharePoint (2010, 2013, 2016, 2019,

SharePoint: 403 Forbidden accessing libraries and certain links in Site Settings

This was a special situation where most of the site appeared to work, but certain links under Site Settings would fail with 403 Forbidden. For example: Themes Master Pages Solutions Composed looks List Templates Most document libraries Actually, in some cases, the page request would result in Access Denied, and redirect the user to the

SharePoint: Check Permissions and External Tokens – ADFS (SAML auth)

This post is the third part of a series on the “Check Permissions” function. It’s focused on Trusted Provider authentication aka: SAML-claims. The way “Check Permissions” works varies by authentication method. For Windows or FBA auth, see my other posts: Windows-Claims Authentication: Forms-based Authentication (FBA): Notes: I’ll be talking about Active Directory Federation

SharePoint: The Complete Guide to PortalSuperUserAccount and PortalSuperReaderAccount

  What are the Super User and Super Reader accounts for? This is explained pretty well on Docs here: In general, they are used in the process of making SharePoint Publishing sites (any site using the publishing features) render quickly and efficiently. Please keep in mind that these accounts aren’t actually required to be

SharePoint: Users randomly lose permission – are deleted from site

This is a good one, it appears to be both random and intermittent, and is extremely hard to track down. It’s known as the “SID mismatch” problem. Consider the following scenario: Intermittently, when a user browses to a resource (site, list, etc) that they are supposed to have access to, they receive “Access Denied“, or